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spn pairing bingo card

okay, finally posting this sucker. I think I can get one bingo out of it and maybe one or two extras, but I'm not going to start on it until after I'm done with my Dystopia draft. I just wanted to go ahead and post it before I forget. again. :P

John/Bobby Sam/Ruby Uriel/Anna Missouri/Pamela Barnes Dean/Sam
Bobby/Gordon WalkerAtropos/Eve Dean/Crossover!Character Ash/Garth Jody Mills/Kate Milligan
Amelia Richardson/Linda Tran Dean/Ruby WILD CARD Jim Murphy/Caleb Michael/Lucifer
John/Mary Jo/Cassie Robinson Sam/Lucifer Dean/Tessa Jessica Moore/Brady
Samuel Campbell/Balthazar Castiel/Crack!Character Dean/Zachariah Eve/Benny Uriel/Castiel

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