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five acts, round seven~

hiiiii lj, I promise I haven't abandoned you? entirely?

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Go here and post a link to your list. Then check out other people's lists at the masterlist.
+Post comment-fic (or longer pieces) based off of other people's lists.

clothes fetishization: dressing up (dresses, suits, uniforms, costumes, lingerie, etc), dressing/undressing your partner/for your partner, clothes-sharing.

domesticity: moving in together, nesting, building a family or meeting the family; getting a cat or dog, cooking, shopping, anything an established relationship or frienship might do.

touching: stroking and caressing, cuddling or nuzzling, huddling for warmth, hugging, holding hands in public, brief brushes of contact either deliberate or accidental; PDAs

consensual D/s: doesn't have to be 24/7, doesn't even have to be sexual, but either or both, of course, is good. as long as everyone invovled is 100% consenting and happy, I'm happy.

road trip: literally anything!

Dean/Castiel, Dean/Castiel/others (especially Sam, Lisa, Bela, Balthazar, Tessa, Benny etc), Bela/Dean, Dean/Victor, Dean/Tessa, Dean/Benny, Ruby/Sam, Amelia/Sam, Jody/Sam, Bela/Anna, Bela/Balthazar, Gwen/Rachel

Once Upon a Time:
Aurora/Mulan, Belle/Ruby, Ruby/Graham, Ruby/Whale, Red/Snow, Regina/Graham, Abigail/Frederick

Being Human US:
Brynn/Nora/Connor, Brynn/Connor, Bishop/Aidan, Bishop/Rebecca, Sally/Scott, Nora/Sally

Miles/Richard, Juliet/Richard, Claire/Richard, Jacob/Richard, Eloise/Richard, Juliet/James, Juliet/Jack, Juliet/Claire, Claire/Kate

The Vampire Diaires:
Elena/Stefan, Elena/Katherine, Elena/Elijah, Elijah/Rebekah, Alaric/Damon

Joan/Sherlock friendship

found the place to rest my head [Dean/Castiel/Sam, PG; domesticity, touching] by pann_cake
untitled [Dean/Castiel, NC17; consensual D/s, lingerie] by janie_tangerine
outside, looking in [Benny, Dean/Castiel, PG; touching] by fate_incomplete

you take the breath right out of me [Dean/Castiel, R-ish; breath, touching, sensual] for fate_incomplete
call me maybe [Dean/Castiel, NC17; hooker au, crossdressing, consensual D/s] for janie_tangerine
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