January 11th, 2012

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spn fic: i'm not gonna crack (chrissy/claire)

In the words of ilfirin_estel:
Way back in November, spnfemslashweek was going on on tumbr. joyyjpg and I both asked ourselves why it was only one week. Why can’t every week be spnfemslashweek? So we came up with some sort of a hybrid of the tiny Supernatural femslash fandom and lost-in-108 between the two of us.


Also, everyone go now and check out her fic for this week: didn't want to be anyone's ghost (Bela/Jo).

Title/Rating: i'm not gonna crack; pg-13
Characters/Pairings: Chrissy/Claire
Prompt: unbreakable
Spoilers/Warnings: 7.11 (Chrissy exists!); very mild mention of violence toward a vampire
Summary: Chrissy is not okay with using her as bait, but if Claire's afraid, it doesn't show. Future!fic. 100 words.

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