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fic: a nice place to visit (boone/jimmy)

Title: a nice place to visit
Pairing: Boone Carlyle/Jimmy Novak (LOST/Supernatural)
Rating: PG
Words: 660
Disclaimer: These boys are not mine. Title from The Twilight Zone.
Spoilers: Only through "Do No Harm" for LOST and "The Rapture" for SPN.
Summary: It's not the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me. Boone and Jimmy in an afterlife that in no way resembles the established afterlives of either canon or the Twilight Zone episode of the same name.
A/N: For janie_tangerine, who wanted Boone/Jimmy. This...has gone through so many changes, you don't even know. There's probably going to be more of these two later because I've got like, two pages of dialog that I cut out (they got chatty on me, wtf) to keep this from being like, 5000 words or something. :P And I'm not even sure what this is, but I hope you like it -- and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, BB. ♥

Boone always loved chocolate ice cream. Loved it.

He thinks back, tries to remember the last time he actually had any when he was alive. His mom and Shannon would never touch the stuff, of course, so it must have been a really long time. He takes another bite and decides, yep, they actually are in Heaven after all.

He doesn’t know what’s so heavenly about cheeseburgers but Jimmy just rolls his eyes and tells him to shut up.

They’ve lost count of how many days they’ve been here -- Boone knows he woke up in the middle of nowhere and found the house eight days before Jimmy showed up. He’d stopped counting somewhere in the sixties and that’s been a while.

The house is small, cozy, with a fireplace in the living room (though it never gets cold), two bedrooms (since day fifty-two they’ve only used one and they don’t actually need sleep anyway), and ugly lace curtains that they never close (not that there's much to look at outside). Every other day there’s a pint of chocolate ice cream in the tiny refrigerator and a White Castle bag on the counter. It's kind of ridiculous. Okay, it's really ridiculous but they're so not complaining. They don’t feel hungry, really -- they eat for the taste, because they can still taste it and feel it and it makes them feel alive.

Other things pop up sometimes. Once, Boone opens a kitchen drawer to get a spoon and finds it full of pens instead. And seriously, that is not funny and he does not appreciate Jimmy’s laughter when he explains the significance.

Jimmy complains one day that “Heaven should at least have beer”, and the next morning there’s a six pack in the fridge next to Boone’s ice cream. It’s a freak occurrence, though. After that they try everything they can think of (Heaven should have a golf course, a movie theater, a better view) and nothing happens. But at least the beer is awesome.

Boone sucks at poker but he kicks Jimmy’s ass at UNO. There’s a radio in the living room that only gets one station but they learn to enjoy the crappy music, and a bookshelf with everything from Dr. Seuss to Vonnegut to trashy romances. It should probably be weird that they never get bored or tired of one another but it really isn’t.

But then there are the bad days. They both wonder how long this will last, if they’ll wake up one morning alone or somewhere else entirely. They wonder what will happen when their loved ones die. Boone knows Jimmy was married and had a daughter, knows that, no matter what they might have here, he belongs with them. He wonders what will happen when they die, when Shannon dies.

He decides one day that this whole thing is some kind of ridiculous waiting room so people who died too young and had spectacularly fucked up lives don’t have to be alone. Why they're the only ones here he doesn't know but it explains their weird connection even if it sounds like a bad episode of The Twilight Zone.

Being dead, as it turns out, isn’t that different from being alive –- which is a major cop out, when you think about it. They don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or how long this will last. And maybe it doesn’t actually matter, and they can just enjoy what they've got for however long they have it.

And what they’ve got isn’t bad. They’ve got each other and an ugly house and sometimes their favorite foods and other random objects magically appear –- and Boone's more than happy to live (or, well, whatever) with that for as long as he can.

So, weird, definitely, but not bad.

“Well,” Jimmy says, chewing thoughtfully, “it’s not the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Boone smiles around a spoonful of ice cream. “Yeah, that makes two of us.”
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